Our Vision

  • Deliver professional learning services, and an exceptional academic experience to our members and beyond.
  • Enable our members engage with lecturers and other students.
  • Establish a service where professionals can connect & collaborate with one another.

Our Mission

  • Help our members excel in their field of choice.
  • Utilize latest technologies to deliver e-learning
  • Deliver our courses through a strong network of highly accredited professionals.

Our Promise

  • Quality does not have to come with a price tag, particularly when it is for a good cause! This is exactly why Mega Learning offers a large collection of free training videos.

Our Team

Mega Learning educational board is a dedicated hard working panel of medical experts, who are responsible for quality management, review and delivery of our educational courses.

Mega Learning Educational Board

Prof. Samir Elansary

Prof. Samir Elansary is a professor of anaesthesia and ICU at the University of Ain Shams , Egypt. He is a key contributor, senior board member and head of ICU training at Mega Learning.

Prof. Mohamed Makharita

Dr. Yasser Zaghloul

Dr. Yasser Zaghloul is a consultant of anaesthesia in, Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is also the director of Abu Dhabi anaesthesia Club. He holds MSc from Alexandria university, and doctorate from Ain Shams university, Egypt. As well as fellowship in anaesthesia from college of anesthetists, Ireland.

Dr. Ahmed Abdelaatti

Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim

Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim is a professor of anaesthesia and ICU at the University of Alexandria , Egypt. He is the reviewer of the Egyptian journal of anaesthesia, and was chair of ASIAC in 2019.

Dr. Nabil Shalik

Dr. Nabil A. Shalik, MD, is an assistant professor of clinical anaesthesiology. He is an associate professor of clinical anaesthesiology at Qatar University and assistant professor of anaesthesiology and ICU at University of Tanta in Egypt.

Dr. Hazim Yasin

Dr. Hazim Yasin is a doctor of anaesthesia and critical care at bone & joint center, 6th October University, Egypt. He holds MSc from Ain Shams University, in continuous quality improvement and patient safety. He is a recognized facilitator, and an experienced train the trainer professional.

Dr. Hoda Fawzy Darwish

Dr. Hoda Fawzy is an assistant lecturer of anaesthesia and surgical intensive care at the University of Alexandria, Egypt. She holds an MSc and a doctorate in anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care. She is a former trust grade anaesthetist in NHS, UK.

Prof. Essam Manaa

Prof. Essam Manaa is a professor and consultant anaesthesiologist at Assiut University Hospital, Egypt. He is also professor and consultant in charge of neuro anaesthesia.

Dr. Yasser Mohamed Reda

Dr. Yasser Mohamed Reda is a senior consultant of anaesthesiology and chronic pain management at Hamad Medical Corporation. He is also the head of PACU and intervention rooms for regional anaesthesia and chronic pain.

Dr. Tharwat Mohamed Aisa

Dr. Tharwat Mohamad Aisa is a consultant of anaesthesia and intensive care in Egypt. He holds Msc & MD PhD in anaesthesia and surgical intensive care. He is a former associate consultant of critical care in KSA. A senior registrar of anaesthesia and intensive care at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital, Ireland.

Dr. Rabab Safwat Ibrahim

Dr. Rabab Ibrahim is a consultant of anaesthesia in Alexandria, Egypt. She holds an MSc and a doctorate in anaesthesiology from the University of Alexandria, Egypt.